What Matters We Need to Talk About Ageing

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Do you get the sense that something's just not quite right with yourself, Mum or Grandpa?Does your family avoid having the big conversations about ageing?Are you confused and overwhelmed?You are not alone.Clinical psychologist Melissa Levi has helped more than a thousand older people, and their families, navigate the ageing journey. While every family's story is unique, Melissa has come to know that we all share common fears and questions about ageing - the same questions her own family had when her grandfather was diagnosed with dementia.In We Need to Talk About Ageing, Melissa encourages us to understand that while getting older is inevitable, our journeys don't need to be overwhelming, or clouded with uncertainty or confusion. She provides expert information on what to expect as you get older, what's 'normal', how to identify symptoms of common medical and psychiatric conditions in later life, and, most importantly, what you can do and where to go for help.Melissa shares practical, actionable strategies, tips and discussion prompts, so you are equipped to have the big conversations about ageing, to maintain connection, to find your way through the aged-care maze, to make informed, values-aligned decisions and so much more.We Need to Talk About Ageing is a comprehensive guide that will empower your family to plan for the future, experience greater meaning, joy and connection, and navigate the ageing journey with confidence and grace.Melissa Levi has specialised in older people's mental health and dementia for over a decade. She is committed to educating and empowering families to better understand ageing, have the big conversations and plan for the future, so they can take control of their ageing journeys. Her mission inspired We Need to Talk About Ageing and her website Talking Ageing - resources she wishes had been available for her own family when her grandfather was diagnosed with dementia.