What Every Radical Should Know about State Repression

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As we approach the 100th anniversary of Victor Serge's classic 1926 expose of political repression, the spectre of fear as a tool of political repression is chillingly familiar to us in a world increasingly threatened by totalitarianism. Serge's expose of the surveillance methods used by the tzarist police reads like a spy thriller. An irrepressible rebel, Serge wrote this manual for political activists, describing the structures of state repression and how to dodge them - including how to avoid being followed, what to do if arrested, and tips on securing correspondence. He also explains how such repression is ultimately ineffective.

'Repression can really only live off fear. But is fear enough to remove need, thirst for justice, intelligence, reason, idealism ... ? Relying on intimidation, the reactionaries forget that they will cause more indignation, more hatred, more thirst for martyrdom, than real fear. They only intimidate the weak; they exasperate the best forces and temper the resolution of the strongest.' - Victor Serge

'Victor Serge is one of the unsung heroes of a corrupt century.'
-Adam Hochschild, author of King Leopold's Ghost

'Serge is one of the most compelling of twentieth-century ethical and literary heroes.'
-Susan Sontag