Welcome to Sex

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Welcome to Sex is a frank, age-appropriate introductory guide to sex and sexuality for teens of all genders, from the creators of the best-selling guides Welcome to Your Period, Welcome to Consent and Welcome to Your Boobs.

There's no denying it - sex can be pretty tricky ... and talking about sex can feel weird and so uncomfortable. But it doesn't have to be that way!

This little book is packed with honest advice on everything you need to know about sex: how to know when you're ready and reasons not to have sex, exploring pleasure on your own to becoming sexually intimate with others, contraception and staying safe, how to communicate about sex, wobbly starts and awkward moments (including talking to your parents about sex).

Welcome to Sex is inclusive, reassuring and all about keeping sex fun, real, and shame-free. With case studies, first-person accounts and questions from real teens, Welcome to Sex will help readers navigate their sexual debuts with confidence!


  • What Is Sex?
  • Parents And Carers And Awkward Conversations
  • Getting Intimate With Myself
  • Orgasms
  • Labels: Sexual And Gender Identities
  • What The Outside World Is Telling Us About Sex
  • Myths About Sex
  • Reasons To Not Have Sex
  • How It Begins: Feelings, Flirting And Falling In Love
  • What Can Actually Happen With Another Person?
  • Wobbly Starts
  • Relationships
  • Looking After Myself And My Partner
  • Pregnancy Lowdown
  • Awkward Sex Moments And Other Challenges
  • Is Something Wrong?
  • Keeping Safe