Walking Meditations

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Walking meditations to relax, refocus the mind and help you find calm whenever you need it. Cultivate mindfulness and bring your mind and body in sync with this beautiful book of walking meditations. Walking meditation, also known as Kinhin meditation, is widely practiced in many forms of Buddhism, blending the physical experience of walking with the focused mindfulness of a meditative state. This can be done anywhere, from a few steps at home to a short walk on a bustling street, or a longer hike in a natural setting. Walking while meditating boosts awareness, improves sleep quality, offers mental clarity and facilitates a mind-body connection. It is a practice you can develop each time you leave the house, to help you refocus and come back to yourself. This beautifully illustrated book will guide you through the process of finding inner peace while on the move, with a selection of meditations for every season, long and short walks in both a natural and an urban setting, and meditations for creativity, calm and focus. Walking Meditations will help you use your surroundings as a meditative tool so you can restore your energy, come back into your senses and find calm in your day-to-day life. Contents include:
10-minute mood boost
Walking with your senses
Meditations for every season
Extended meditations for longer walks
Walking peacefully