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Ian Whitworth built national companies from nothing. Coronavirus hammered some of them flat. Yet he's fine with that. Because when the chaos is swirling and shit is getting real, there's opportunity. Now is the time to put yourself in control - where no boss or virus can take you down. So many talented people want to give it a shot, yet they're held back by the big business myths. But success is simpler than your crusty CEO wants you to think. Ian built his businesses on simple rules, Year 6 maths, basic decency and no jargon. It generated profits that made the bank people say: 'We've never seen anything like this before.' Ian's advice is so readable that many of his readers have no interest in commerce, they just like his dry humour and guidance on living a better life. He takes you step-by-step through the whole entrepreneur experience, from the day you open the doors through to when you pay others to run the place for you. There are 60 short and often surprising chapters in the trademark style of his popular 'Motivation for Sceptics' blog, from 'Your Success Goals Are Built on Lies' to 'Business Whack-A-Mole Skills' and 'Remote Work Sucks Unless You're Old'. Whether you're running your own business, leading someone else's or freelancing, Undisruptable is the only handbook you need. And one you'll actually enjoy reading to the end.