Truly Tan

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'Truly Tan: Baffled! was like going into a lolly shop for three hours - that's how good this book was'

- Ellie, age 11

It is winter in Peppercorn Valley and Tan and her very best friend Gloria go to a bonfire. At school. At night.They also go on a lantern walk and spy on Journeys End.

Journeys End is the creepiest house in Peppercorn Valley. And the old ladies who live there have painted weird symbols all over the outside walls.

What could the symbols mean? And is the house haunted and if so, are the old ladies in danger?

Tan has a hunch they are, but this mystery is complicated and she is baffled!


'I wish I could be best friends with Tan in real life! She's funny, brave and clever and an AWESOME spy!' Maia, age 11

'I finished reading this book in one go in two hours! The book was Truly Tan-tastic!' Tilda, age 10

'This is the ultimate must read of the century. I would love to be Tan and solve all the mysteries.' Heather, age 9

'I love the Tan books so much. I read the whole series in one week!' Declan, age 10


'utterly blooming with possibility and adventure' --Junior Books+Publishing, four-star review

'This is great reading for children from early to middle primary school. We need more of Tan.' -- CBCA Reading Time

'A really delightful story with a sassy, good-hearted character. Highly recommended for ages 8-11' -- Abbey's Bookshop

'This is a thoroughly modern, funny and Australian version of Enid Blyton's Secret Seven. Great fun for ages 8 to 12' -- Readings