The Tiny Tailors

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Out in the garden, under the flowers, the search begins forcostume treasures . . . butsomething is missing!

Join the Tiny Tailors in the garden as they stitch, weave, and piece together their costumes for the upcoming Spring Parade. The berries have been threaded into sleeves and the daisies arranged into a fan . . . but it looks like something might be missing. Will the Tiny Tailors be able to find what they need in time for the parade?

In The Tiny Tailors, Kat Macleod's signature mixed-media style captures all the wonders and possibilities of the garden. A new bud can be turned into a cape and an armful of forget-me-nots can make the most beautiful gown. Seemingly ordinary elements--flowers, feathers, leaves, and seeds--are turned into stylish suits and floral costumes when seen from the Tiny Tailors' vantage point. A variety of verbs describe the costumes' construction, helping young readers learn the language to build their own creations. Explorers big and small are encouraged to use their imagination and discover new natural artifacts in their own garden.