The Teal Revolution

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The Teal Revolutionis essential reading on the unprecedented Teal wave of the 2022 election, a movement with the potential to change Australian politics. From experienced political journalist Margot Saville, this is the fourth book in The Crikey Read series by Crikey and Hardie Grant Books.

In the 2022 federal election a group of independent female candidates spectacularly ousted Liberal Party stalwarts from supposedly safe, blue-ribbon seats. These six women - Allegra Spender in Wentworth, Kylea Tink in North Sydney, Dr Sophie Scamps in Mackellar, Dr Monique Ryan in Kooyong, Zoe Daniel in Goldstein and Kate Chaney in Curtin - became know as the Teals. Their grassroots campaigns, supported by Climate 200 and focussing on issues like climate change action and political integrity, found success, even against the then treasurer.

In The Teal Revolution, journalist Margot Saville brings an insider's view of the extraordinary 2022 election campaign in Wentworth and other key Teal seats. What was it like to be part of these campaigns, and at what point did victory become possible? What does the political ascension of these independents tell us about the mood for change across Australia, and about the future of the two major parties? Crucially, Saville also asks where the Teals might go next, and how they might continue to shape Australian politics

From Crikey and Hardie Grant Books, The Crikey Read is a series that brings an unflinching and truly independent eye to the issues of the day in Australia and the world.