The Rise of the Remarkables:
the Thaumagician's Revenge

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Reviewed by Filippo Albicocco - Age 10

Brasswitch, Bot and the entire Unit 13 are superheroes in Melbourne. Plum used to be one of them, a 13, but then he betrayed them. Brasswitch and Bot go on an epic adventure to go stop Plum. Will they defeat the traitor?

The best thing about this book is that has action and is never boring.

This book would appeal to readers who like fantasy, adventure and fiction books.

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.


The next crackingly paced, steampunk thrill ride from award-winning master of the genre, Gareth Ward.

Following on from the dramatic events of the first book in "The Rise of the Remarkables" duology, Brasswitch and Bot, we find Wrench and Bot on the hunt for Plum with the aid of Thirteen. Plum is more dangerous than ever and appears to be recruiting more aberrations - determined to re-open the rupture. Meanwhile, the events of the Minster Schism have drained Wrench of her magic and she begins lessons with Master Tranter in attempt to re-kindle her powers. It is here that she meets Vexanna, Thirteen's new apprentice thaumagician. They will all have their roles to play, as Wrench works to discover the truth about her past - and make it to her future alive.