The Patriarchy Illusion:
A Down-to-Earth Guide to Spiritual Feminism

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Have you ever had that unconscious feeling that something’s just not right, no matter how successful your life might be? A sense of that you’re simply not good enough? You might be encountering the ‘patriarchy illusion’, the concept that you’re worth more if and when you get to the top of a hierarchy of some kind.

Tash Hildebrand-Lockie takes us on a journey through the many different patriarchal hierarchies that can affect the way we live our lives. She helps us to dismantle their falsehoods and see through to the truth—that the hierarchical essence of patriarchy is an illusion, and we can acknowledge its impact in our lives yet choose not to participate in it.

Discover the patriarchal hierarchies that may be affecting you in the areas of intelligence, career, possessions, wealth, appearance, relationships, personality and spirituality.