The Modern Spice Rack

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The Modern Spice Rack is an insightful guide to cooking more confidently with spices through compelling origin stories and more than 60 delicious recipes. Though spices are prevalent in everyone's kitchens, they are all too often underused, stored badly and kept years beyond their 'best before date'. This stunning cookbook from Rooted Spices owner, Rachel Walker, and acclaimed food writer, Esther Clark, hopes to end this by encouraging a liberal, creative and everyday approach to utilising spices - a well-timed pinch to elevate a dish, with a focus on great taste rather than being tethered to tradition. Discover wondrous flavour combinations in breakfast dishes such as Mango, Coconut and Cardamom Bircher Muesli through to glorious mains like Roasting tin Chicken with Aleppo and Lemon Butter Beans and delightful desserts like Fennel Seed and Lemon Buttermilk Pound Cake. Uncover the history of 24 spices as they passed in and out of culinary fashion across the world and over the centuries and be inspired to realise the full potential of the spices in your cupboard. With these global, taste-led recipes you'll be thrilled you did.