The Lovers

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'her writing is poetic and reverential. The author's understanding of love, romance and of responsibility runs deep.' - Books + Publishing

What happens when we become used to each other, when we become bored, when we anticipate each other's moods like the seasons cycled in a day? What happens when you are tired of me and I tire of you?

Every couple has a story. How they met, how they fell in love - their ups, their downs. What made them want to be in each other's arms day and night. The struggle of family expectations. The need to please each other, the desire to go their separate ways. It is about the private universe between two people as they try to hold to each other despite the barriers of geography, culture and class.

Every couple has a beginning, a middle, and maybe an end.

The Lovers is an enchanting fable that explores the light and dark of a relationship - a love distilled down to its barest form. You might think you know this story. Maybe you do.


'the real deal' - Favel Parrett, author of Past The Shallows

'rare it is to read a voice as crisp and authentic as Kassab'​ - Zoya Patel, author of No Country Woman

'Kassab creates an eerie sense of place as the reader is drawn into myriad perspectives and geographies. Without doubt Australiana is an unnerving contribution to contemporary novel writing in this continent.' - Books + Publishing on Australiana

'The unadorned style and unobtrusive realism of this book mask, at first, how experimental and original it is in other ways' - Sydney Morning Herald on The House Of Youssef

'Kassab's prose is unsparing and frank yet unstinting' - Australian Book Review on The House Of Youssef