The Listies' Teleportaloo

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This fantastic new series from two of Australia's favourite comedy performers is 100% fun and gloriously silly.
Filled with funny illustrations and featuring The Listies, Matt and Rich, as they appear in their shows and performances, this is an extravaganza of silly science fiction, toot-a-riffic toilet humour and slapstick.

A STUPIDLY FUNNY adventure from Australia's favourite BFFs.
Rich and Matt love their nan. Unfortunately their nan has an evil NANASIS. And by the time Rich and Matt discover that their Nan ALSO has a TELEPORTING PORTALOO in the backyard it's too late. They're already hurtling through the interdimensional plumbing of time and space on a mission to stop the world from going down the toilet, literally!
THE NANASIS has gone crazy and WANTS HER STUFF BACK or the world is doomed. Can the Listies pay attention long
enough to save it?