The Gold

(Trade paper)
Dispatches on 14/02/2023


The real story that inspired the BBC drama, The Gold

Shortly before 7am on Saturday 26 November 1983, an armed gang burst into the Brink's-Mat security warehouse near London's Heathrow Airport. They expected a significant stash, but what they found was beyond their wildest dreams. Gold bullion worth 26 million. Making off with the haul, the gang committed the largest robbery world history, and unwittingly set off an extraordinary, decades-long chain of events.

The Brink's-Mat robbery led to the birth of international large-scale money laundering, provided the dirty money that fuelled the London Docklands property boom, changed British policing, and sparked a series of violent murders that continued until 2015.

For forty years, myths and legends have grown around what really happened that morning, and few are aware of the events that followed. The full epic tale has never been told in its entirety ... until now.

The Gold uncovers the extraordinary true story behind the robbery of the century that changed the landscape of crime in the UK and beyond.