The Dangerous Business of Being Trilby Moffat

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This is the dangerous story of Trilby Moffat, who took on one of the most treacherous jobs of all time. Well . . . outside of time, to be precise. For fans of Nevermoor and Lemony Snicket.You're reading the back of this book - good for you! But before you open it, you should know: this is NOT just any old book. THIS is a legal document. It contains a truthful record of how Trilby Moffat was accidentally promoted to the most important job that ever existed.The job of Time Keeper.A mystery illness is making people speak ancient languages and bake old-fashioned cakes. It is because of this strange illness that Trilby Moffat and her mother find themselves sitting on a train. Behind them are a number of things they will never see again, including a comfortable home, Trilby's school, a regular job and all the people they consider friends. Ahead of them is a surprise relative, an unusual inheritance, an opportunity that will never be repeated and a man in a top hat who will try to kill Trilby . . . more than once.This is the story of how Trilby Moffat flees to a fabulous island where time doesn't exist and takes on one of the most treacherous jobs of all time. Well . . . outside of time, to be precise.This is the dangerous business of being Trilby Moffat.Warning: this book containsa truly ridiculous number of delicious cakes, a herd of rude cats, a ramshackle gang of kids, and a dangerous organisation determined to spoil things for everyone, even you.