The Chime Seekers

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Reviewed by Maia

Yanni is only 11 and when he is given his first baby sitting job it’s to look after his baby sister Ari. With help from his second cousin Amy things begin smoothly but things get out of hand pretty quickly when Ari is swapped for a Changeling or baby faerie and transported to another world. Yanni and Amy quickly follow and arrive just in time, but they only have a few hours, can they save Ari before it’s too late, and most importantly of all can they do it quickly enough to save the land of Fae?

What is the best thing about this book? The best thing about this book is when Yanni and Amy pull together to find Ari and save the kingdom.

This book would appeal to readers who like these books: the lion the witch and the wardrobe, books about faeries and fantasy stories.

I rate this book out of 5: 3 out of five