The Cave

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Irian and Ulana and their clan have made the cave their home since they drove off the savage sabre-toothed tiger they know as the Beast, with fire granted to them by the Sky Spirit one wild stormy day. That fire has burned bright at the cave mouth for a long time, protecting them from the depredations of the Beast. But one dark night, that protection fails?and what happens then destroys the young people's firelit world and drives them, wounded and traumatised, as far away from the cave as they can. But in a prehistoric landscape haunted by soft-footed predators who consider humans their prey, it is a dangerous undertaking. Then they meet a solitary, prickly old woman named Trug who has precious gifts of healing and fire, and plans that don't necessarily include an injured girl and a boy who's lost all power of speech. But with her somewhat reluctant agreement, Ulana and Irian join her on a journey that will not only take the two young people to very different worlds than the one they have known but also full circle, back to the cave, and unexpected revelations?An exciting story set in a richly-recreated Paleolithic past, this novel for middle-grade readers is both an extraordinary adventure and a moving exploration of loss, survival and courage.