The Bowman Standard

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AS THE WORLD SWIRLS IN MILITARY CONFLICT, SOCIAL DISORDER AND CLIMATE CATASTROPHE, GOVERNMENT LEADERS RECRUIT SUPER-FORECASTERS - THEIR NATION'S MOST NON-BIASED CITIZENS - TO PREDICT EVENTS AND PROPOSE POLICY PRESCRIPTIONS...From 2012 to 2028, this raucous globe-spinning romp considers prospects and pitfalls for three countries crucial to the electric age. China, the USA and Australia compete, cooperate and mark their success with a common scoring system - The Bowman Standard - to determine new spheres of power.Super-forecasters examine events across political, economics, culture, defence and the environment, to maximise Bowman Standard scores, at the behest of the world's most influential advisors: Mr Wang, a Chinese Communist Party apparatchik with a demanding boss, Tiffany St. James, a do-gooding American heiress, and Hope Peterman, a management consultant briefed to preserve the wealth of her client, an elite cabal secretly ruling Australia.Factual and funny, this book will appeal to readers who like a broad perspective on recent history, current affairs and our near future.