The Big Cheat

(Trade paper)
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As president, Donald Trump engaged in a four-year spree of conflict of interest and self-enrichment. It was a pattern he had established decades earlier, when he led his casino company into bankruptcy, leaving other people in debt while he walked away with millions. As David Cay Johnston shows us, the Big Cheat turned the White House into a money-making enterprise for himself, his family, and his friends, making his intentions clear on his very first day in office by stopping the inaugural parade in front of his Washington, D.C., hotel to make sure that he was photographed there. The grifting continued right up to his last days in office when Trump raised more than $250 million for his phony "Stop the Steal" campaign. The Big Cheat takes readers inside the Trump administration to show how a corrupt president used our government for his benefit. It is a sobering warning of what could happen if we ever elect a president who is both corrupt and capable of subverting the government safeguards that stopped 1 rump from further corruption. Book jacket.