That Thing I Did

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Five misfits hit the road in a haunted hearse, on a madcap road-trip from their prison-bordering suburb behind the 'Mullet-Proof Fence' to small-town Mount Gambier.

After Taylor Kennedy makes a fatal Facebook error and is dumped by his best friend, he's befriended by his eccentric next-door neighbour. Aspiring pornographer Chip drives a funeral hearse and talks to dead people, and he wants Taylor's help.

But mild-mannered prison escapee Jackson Rollock has other plans. They're liberating Jackson's beloved, mouthy grandmother from her nursing home and hitting the road to fulfil her dying wish - with beautiful hitchhiker Chloe on board.

They'll break the rules, bare their souls ... and make a shitload of questionable jokes, while inadvertently exploring sexuality, consent, the dark side of social media, mental health and friendship.

Frank, fearless and taboo-breaking, That Thing I Did is a rollicking road trip with a serious side.