Stripes in the Forest

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Told from the perspective of the last wild, female thylacine, it provides readers with an insight into the rare beauty and uniqueness of these amazing animals and explains their fight for survival and provides important lessons for future generations.

An emotive and moving story, children will connect with the solitary, stoic and courageous female thylacine who does all she can to protect her young - just as a human mother would do. The story takes readers to a place in the past, but also offers a twist that projects them into the future and offers a glimmer of hope for survival of a creature some believe may still exist.

Parents and their children will enjoy the rich, vivid and detailed illustrations of the Tasmanian forests and landscapes and the magnificent thylacine as depicted by illustrator and artist, Shane McGrath. Stripes in the Forest, will generate rich discussion and raise important questions for young minds.

This powerful and poignant story offers hope for threatened species and shows how, together, we can make a difference.

"Stripes in the Forest is a simply told, yet highly impactful story that also contains seeds of hope for primary-aged children to hold on to. This deeply moving book includes a final page that lists facts about thylacine extinction, but importantly, although the book's narrative highlights the finality of loss of species, it softens this message by encouraging children to consider that, given the right circumstances, creatures on the brink of being lost forever might still be saved." --CKT Book Review

"Stripes in the forest is a mesmerising picture book with a simple message of lost wildlife due to colonisation." -- ReadPlus Review

"The illustrations by Shane McGrath, recreate the Australian Tasmanian landscape with colours complementing the mood of the text. He has injected action into his illustrations, filling you with a sense of urgency as the Tasmanian Tigers run from death and try to cling on to their last chance at life. a powerful story, one that will stir deep emotions in the reader." -- Julieann Wallace Review