Song of the Sun God

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Nala and Rajan, a young couple, begin their married life in 1946, on the eve of Ceylon's independence from Britain. Arranged in marriage, they learn to love each other and protect their growing family, against the backdrop of increasing ethnic tension.

As the country descends into a bloody civil war, Nala and Rajan must decide which path is best for their family; and live with the consequences of their mistakes.

Over time, Nala and Rajan teach their family why some parts of their history and heritage are worth holding on to; and why some parts and people have to be left behind.

Song of the Sun God spans three continents and three generations of a family that remains dedicated to its homeland, whilst learning to embrace its new home. Funny, warm and tender, we see Nala and Rajan's family navigate war, migration, old loyalties and new beginnings, relying on the philosophy of their religion, their ancestors and each other.

Song of the Sun God is about the wisdom, mistakes and sacrifices of our past that enable us to live more freely in the future.


an emotive and insightful read.' - The Saturday Paper

'a book that doesn't look away from the brutality of the Sri Lankan conflict - torture, forced displacements and disappearances, cultural destruction and worse - but it also balances horror with humour, and indeed love.' - Sydney Morning Herald

'[Chandran] does not shy from the horror of war yet holds hope for mankind.' - The Weekend Australian

'a rich heritage tapestry to embrace' - The Australian Women's Weekly

'a sweeping tale of love, duty and migration' - The West Weekend