SJ Axelby's Interior Portraits

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A sumptuously illustrated artist's record of the homes of 89 leading creatives from interior designers to ceramicists, antiques dealers, florists and chefs.

SJ Axelby brings new life to interior portraiture, capturing in paint the favourite rooms of 89 leading creatives from interior designers to ceramicists and antiques dealers (and florists and chefs). A sumptuously illustrated record of a home or special project, each interior portrait is accompanied by a charming and quirky interview with the owner, in which we discover invaluable nuggets of design advice, cocktail choice, life hacks and so much more - all illustrated in watercolour by SJ.

There is a long tradition of painting rooms to provide a record of grand homes, giving a glimpse into the life and times of previous generations. Today there is a resurgence of interest in our living spaces, but there is no book in the tradition of illustrated room portraiture to inspire you. SJ Axelby's Interior Portraits will take you into multiple unique and colourful homes, seen through the artist's eye. Financial Times says SJ's work is 'an unadulterated celebration of decoration in all its visual glory'.

Creating an authentic and characterful scheme is much like the composition of a painting: the shape, form, contrast, colour, pattern and texture all need to work in harmony. This pictorial guide includes not only Sarah-Jane's original watercolours but scrapbook pages annotated with design wisdom from each room's owners, which will enthuse and empower the reader to try new ideas in their own homes. It's a creative who's who of the international design world featuring mouth-watering compositions bursting with colour and pattern and displaying the true joy of a home that reflects its owner's personality.

This book is a beautiful object, printed on thick cream paper, with coloured edges, hand-painted endpapers and a ribbon. It's intended as a scrapbook to dip into and discover something new every time you open it. With a foreword by Kit Kemp of Firmdale Hotels.

Just a few of the creatives featured:

Alexandra Tolstoy

Alice Stori Liechtenstein

Anna Spiro

Ashley Hicks

Ben Pentreath & Charlie McCormick

Cath Kidston Padgham

Erica Davies

Flora Soames

Henry Holland

Kit Kemp

Lucinda Chambers

Lulu Lytle

Luke Edward Hall & Duncan Campbell

Matilda Goad

Penny Morrison

Robert Kime

Skye McAlpine

Sophie Conran