Seven Wherewithal Way

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Reviewed by Samara - Aged 10

Two sisters go on an adventure with their magical cousin. They travel to the magical forest realm to search for the Leshy, the Protector of the Realm. They have to overcome various creatures and obstacles during the search. I thought I was going to love this book but it was hard to get into because the sisters were both a bit annoying. There was lots of adventure and it was exciting but the way they got out of the tricky situations was a little too simple and easy.

I really liked the way the book was written with lots of description about the characters and the places. I also really liked all of the magical creatures as they were unusual and interesting.

This book would appeal to readers who like Clock of Stars, The shadow Moth by Francesca Gibbons and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

Celeste is having the worst summer ever. Her parents are off on an adventure and she's stuck at Gran's house with her annoying little sister, Esme, and strict instructions to be responsible. Or, as Esme says, boring. So when their eccentric cousin Ferd crash-lands a flying bus in the yard, what choice does Celeste have but to follow Ferd back home to Seven Wherewithal Way? Wherewithal - the waypoint between the many magical realms unreachable from Earth - is bursting with magic and mystery and enchanting creatures. It's Celeste's favourite place in any world. But when something tries to break in through the portal in the pantry - the gateway to the mystical Realm of Forests - Celeste learns that both Wherewithal and her beloved cousin are under threat. If Celeste wants to save her cousin, their home, its inhabitants and possibly even all the realms, she is going to have to find her adventurous side. And she needs to find it fast.