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Dene Walker picked me to be her best friend. She had the whole of Tonsley High's year eight to choose from--and she chose me. Me!

Tully can't believe her luck. Dene is famous. Everyone loves her. She has thousands of followers online and hundreds of sponsorship deals. Being best friends with Dene Walker is a dream come true.

Tully is soon hardly aware that her long-time bestie, Kira, exists, as she shapes her own interests and cares to be the person worthy of Dene's attention. And she's not prepared for the heartache and confusion when Dene's friendship is not all she imagined it to be.

Selfie is an engaging and very real exploration of social media and the trickiness of separating what's real from the glossiness of the online world. It's a tender story about friendship and staying true to yourself.

Allayne Webstergrew up in rural South Australia and now lives in Adelaide. Her books include the CBCA notable novels Paper Planesand A Cardboard Palace, Our Little Secret, The Centre of My Everything, That Thing I Didand Sensitive.

'Webster's characters, major and minor, are entirely believable.' Sunday Age