Sad to Glad

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Lucky is a bright and happy little girl who loves to wear big twirly dresses. Dancing and going on adventures with her dads are two of her favourite things to do. Though her life is vibrant, sometimes things upset Lucky. But when she’s feeling a little down, her two dads encourage her to change her frame of mind consciously. Shifting perspective, from sad to glad, will help improve her day in moments.

Sad to Glad introduces the concept of “cognitive reframing” in a simple way for an early childhood audience with rhyme and rhythm. It reminds us we have the power to change our mood. No matter what is going on in the world, or our lives, holding onto the goodness of life helps us become more resilient to its twists and turns. Gracie Munari’s first published work, Sad to Glad, is a brilliant resource for young children, families and teachers alike. This book reflects society’s diverse nature and the need for a light of support moving forward.