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Portraits is a love letter to our culture makers, a sparkling collection of more than 300 drawings of artists, writers, musicians, thinkers and makers compiled from W. H. Chong's sketchbooks of the last decade. There are also paintings, prints, and digital art. Chong's portraits present a kaleidoscope of the Australian cultural community, from national icons to local legends, all pursuing their individual passions and inspiration.

'Having your portrait drawn by Chong is a privilege but it can also take a while to get used to. What I do know is that these days I find it much more pleasurable. The act of sitting and talking, while being drawn becomes a form of is, besides, a great compliment to be considered so attentively.' Sophie Cunningham

'Portraiture is always an encounter with time. There are faces in this book that belong to those who are no longer alive. But here we all are, drawing breath, the quick and the dead. I'm moved and proud to be part of this mortal, creative company, caught in time by Chong's inclusive eye.' Michelle de Kretser

'It is this commitment to deep intense observation which has proved so fruitful in this selection of drawings. Chong shows us his unique skill at unpicking the shape of a human form and putting it back together full of life, energy and spirit.' John Wolseley