Mustang Ride

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An absolutely stunning book from cover to cover. Over 100 photos. Anyone looking for an adventure read will love this book. It starts off with an introduction to the Wilson sisters so whether you've read the previous books or not you will understand who they are and how passionate they are about improving all horses welfare. Beautifully written, you are taken away on an amazing journey. Worth the read.
From the author of the bestselling books For the Love of Horses and Stallion Challenges comes a brand new adventure, this time in the cowboy country of the American West.

Having saved New Zealand's wild Kaimanawa horses, the Wilson sisters - Kelly, Vicki and Amanda - turn to the plight of America's wild Mustangs. Can they tame their Mustangs in time for the Extreme Mustang Makeover?

Join Kelly, Vicki and Amanda as they ride through the American wilderness on their most exciting and eventful journey yet.