Mrs Winterbottom Takes a Gap Year

Dispatches on 31/07/2024

"Husband and wife GPs Alan and Heather Winterbottom have worked side by side in their idyllic rural practice for over forty years but now theyve decided to hang up their stethoscopes and retire. Joy! Celebration! Or not ... Heather dreams of exploring the Greek Islands, of escaping the shackles of her routine life and embracing an exciting new adventure. Alan dreams of growing his own vegetables. When things come to a head at a family lunch, Heather announces that she has decided to take a year off. From her old life, from her marriage - from Alan. Alone in beautiful Greece, Heather embarks on her very own odyssey - complete with unforgettable experiences, pitfalls and temptations. But could whats waiting for her back in Netherwood be Heathers biggest adventure yet?"--Publisher information.