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A year ago the house had been full of life, of noise, of love. Now there were long stretches of silence that settled between them like a fog so dense it made it hard to see a way out, made it hard for them to see each other . . . He was losing sight of the only thing he'd ever truly been certain about.Some moments change everything. For five friends, what should have been a birthday to remember will instead cleave a line between before and after. From then on, the shockwaves of guilt, sorrow and disbelief will colour every day, every interaction, every possibility. Each will struggle. Each will ask why. Secrets will be kept. Lies will be told. Relationships reassessed. Each friend will be forever changed. And the question all of them will be forced to ask is: can they ever find a way to live without what was lost?A raw, powerful novel from the prize-winning author of Kokomo that exposes the ripple effect of grief. With profound insight and a tender heart, Marshmallow shows how quickly the life you thought you had can be shattered forever.Praise for Kokomo'With Kokomo as a starting point, one can only imagine what heights [Hannan] will soar to next.'The Guardian'ironic, smart and witty'Sydney Morning Herald'superbly written'Books+Publishing'Hannan's use of language is vivid and visceral, lavish with colour.'ArtsHub'[Hannan's] originality took my breath away.'Newtown Review of Books'An intricate, glittering gem. One of the best debuts in years.'Mark Brandi, author of Wimmera and The Rip'This debut heralds an exciting new Australian voice.'Anna Krien, author of Night Games and Act of Grace