Logan Martin

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One of the top storylines from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics was the brigade of bandits from Australia throwing down at the freestyle park for the inaugural action-sports events - in particular the young gun from Logan City, Queensland, who took the gold medal off the table before his competitors knew what had happened.

But there's been nothing easy about Logan's ascent to the top. His journey began at twelve when his family moved a block away from the local skate park - a charged gathering place for drop-ins and drop-outs, a culture crucible, and a place to test your skills in front of stunned peers and naysayers alike. And it wouldn't be long before Logan was vaulting himself onto ever-larger stages, in front of the eyes of the world.

A testament to dedication and self-discipline, artistry and courage, Logan Martin has set the bar for what it means to be an international extreme sports athlete. Putting aside the fact that there are tricks in his quiver that few in the world can land, it's his smooth confidence, aggressive lines and virtuosity bottled up in a 5'6" tattooed frame that has won the world's attention. And the real scary part? He's coming back for more.