Kobe Way, The:
The Iconic Moments and Maneuvers That Made Him a L

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Kobe Bryant was an Unstoppable Force. his secret: he played The Kobe Way. Go inside the techniques that made the "Black Mamba" a late-game hero for the Los Angeles Lakers, the on- and off-court leadership moments that continue to inspire all athletes, and the unrelenting determination and spirit that made him get back up for the win time and time again over twenty seasons. Learn how Kobe tenaciously worked to make himself better, faster, and more precise, Get motivated with Kobe's best quotes that capture his tireless pursuit of a greatness, Take in a Mamba-eyed view of the exact games, points, and drills that separated Kobe from the rest, Discover little-known facts and stats about Kobe's life and gameplay through fun, bold infographics, Look back on Kobe's generous spirit through his sports academy, charitable giving, and mentorship efforts Twenty-five stories and original, vibrantly illustrated portraits celebrate Kobe's larger-than-life persona and boundless spirit.