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It's 2002. Britney and Justin are done. Low-rise jeans tyrannise the pants-wearing public. And Hector Singh, a 27-year-old eccentric, moderately talented yet extremely confident aspiring TV writer, is hell bent on 'making it' in LA. He's Puerto Rican and Indian but also post-race (or so he thinks) and he refuses to be intimidated by the Whites Only landscape of show business.

But when his mother dies suddenly, Hector's grief turns into depression, triggering dark thoughts and a binge eating disorder. He lands a potentially career-launching job as a writers' assistant on a TV drama, but antidepressants make things much worse.

With a series of implosions that threaten to sink his work and relationships, Hector unravels. Spectacularly.

Can he navigate Hollywood racism, diet culture oppression and crippling grief to survive this emotional crisis? Does he pull himself together in time to sell his TV show in a meeting with big producers? Will he catch an extremely fit Tom Cruise and give him a script?

Seems unlikely.

A hilarious, satirical, madcap and moving rollercoaster ride through the cutthroat world of Hollywood showbiz as seen through one person's descent into despair.