How to Pay Your Mortgage off in 10 Years

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Would you like to pay your mortgage off faster and have more money to enjoy your life? The average Australian mortgage is $601,797 over 30 years. Not only is this large more than half a million dollars but it s grown 36% over the past five years.This is daunting. For many people, it can feel like paying it off is impossible. But here s the good news: it is entirely possible to ditch your mortgage in ten years, and this book shows you how. In How to Pay Your Mortgage Off in 10 Years, bestselling finance author, money coach and podcaster Serina Bird presents practical strategies, calculates the savings and shares the steps she has used and anyone can use to become mortgage-free. In this life-changing book you ll learn how to:Hit your mortgage hard and earlyNegotiate a lower interest rateUse micro-habits to make repayments fasterCut down your spending with frugalista shopping habitsUse your home to generate an income streamKeep motivated when the going gets tough.Not only that, but you ll also read about people who are actively smashing their mortgage and achieving their dream goals, showing you just how achievable it is.