How to Kill Your Husband (and Other Handy Household Hints)

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From the author of the bestselling HRT and Puberty Blues.
All women want to kill their husbands some of the time.

Marriage, it would appear, is a fun-packed frivolous hobby, only occasionally resulting in death. But when Jazz Jardine is arrested for her husband's murder, the joke falls flat.
Life should begin at 40 - not with life imprisonment for killing your spouse. Jazz, stay-at-home mum and domestic goddess; Hannah, childless and career-focused; and Cassie, demented working mother of two are three ordinary women.
Cassie and Hannah set out immediately to prove their best friend's innocence, uncovering betrayal, adultery, plot twists, thinner thighs and toy boys aplenty en route. But will their friendship survive these ever darker revelations?
A novel that will strike a chord with women everywhere and ensure that, from now on, they all read the small print on their marriage licenses.