Horridus and the Hidden Valley

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Age rang: 3+

Horridus, a young Triceratops living in the Cretaceous period, sets off on an adventure to find a rare flower that only grows in the Hidden Valley. Horridus, who's always hungry, wants to eat it! Accompanied by their best friend Archie - an Avisaurus - Horridus treks through forests, across plains, past waterholes and over mountains, meeting other Cretaceous creatures along the way. The friends finally find the rare flower, but Horridus decides not to eat it after all - they don't want such a beautiful flower to disappear forever. Instead, Horridus and Archie create a special watering system to encourage the rare flower to flourish.

Threaded with themes of friendship and conservation and filled with humour, this story will entrance any young dinosaur fan. Readers will delight in learning about the Cretaceous period as they follow Horridus and Archie on their exciting adventure