Here, and Only Here

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Beneath the paint, the plaster and the cement, inside the walls, in the depths of the invisible, I make out something that I still can't name. Something ferocious as hell that occupies the entire building and that gets into my bones. Something that will soon be part of me.

After sales of 1.5 million copies of The Mirror Visitor Quartet, Christelle Dabos reveals a new facet of her talent in this powerful choral novel.

Welcome to the School of Here, an unsettling and peculiar place that is nonetheless familiar to us all. A place full of codes and weird, unspoken rules that are passed down from year to year. This new term begins as any other would at Here- footprints on the ceiling, mysterious charts that rank the students into 'High' or 'Low', the Ultra Secret Club, and trouble in store for the students who end up an 'odd number'. Even if the players change, the parts stay the same, all ruled over by a bully called the prince. For Iris, Madeleine, Pierre and Guy, it's an endless and cruel cycle that will reach breaking point this year.

Here and Only Here is an enthralling and thought-provoking novel that shines a light on the complications of being a teenager and just how difficult school can be.