HEAT Series 3 Number 6

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First published in 1996, HEAT is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing Australian and overseas writers of the highest quality. HEAT's third series (2022-) is edited by Alexandra Christie and designed by award-winning designer Jenny Grigg.

Recent praise for HEAT:

'So slender and elegant, nothing wasted, nothing grandiose - and beautiful work.' -- Helen Garner

'HEAT magazine was a trailblazer from the day it was launched...[The new series is] still dedicated to publishing non-Anglophone views of the world, alternatives to the mainstream and points of view that are both thought-provoking and expressed in high literary style.'--Openbook,NSW State Library Magazine

'A very beautiful and stylish object...long may this new series of HEAT continue!' -- Sarah Holland-Batt

'I welcome the return of HEAT. Readers and writers alike will revel in its daring audacity, bold exploration and innovative celebration of literature.' -- Alexis Wright