Gus and the Starlight

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A spine-tingling and heart-warming story about friendship and finding your special place in the world.

Gus doesn't want to make friends.

She also doesn't want to be intrigued by the cat-lady teacher at her new school, or the Riley's Comet project that she and her seaweed-eating science partner are working on together.

And she definitely doesn't want to fall in love with her job as the projectionist at the Starlight, a drive-in movie theatre that her family is reviving.

Because, knowing Gus's luck, she and her family could be moving on in a day, or a week, or a month. When the ghosts that haunt Mum catch up with them. Or if the Starlight doesn't succeed.

Then she'll have to say goodbye. Again.

And saying goodbye is too hard.


'This has the perfect mix of feels, humour and pathos, and sprinkle of supernatural!'

- Karen Foxlee, author of the award-winning Lenny's Book of Everything and Dragon Skin

'A magical-realist middle-grade book with a feather-light fantastical touch, that wonderfully helps the young protagonist figure out their complex and confusing family; the hope they have in their heart for a fresh start, and the ways that the past can haunt and help us. Just - stunning!'

- Danielle Binks, author of The Year the Maps Changed and The Monster of Her Age