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Discover why it's worth greening your community in this engaging, step-by-step handbook on how to guerrilla garden.

Guerrilla gardening is the art and science of planting in a public place with purpose. Whether you want to boost biodiversity, grow food, clean the air or empower a community, you can join this new wave of a movement that combines grassroots action with flower power!

How do you know which plants are right for the plot, or how to rustle up like-minded locals? Follow Ellen Miles's 7 Ps of guerrilla gardening to find out: purpose, place, plan, people, parts, planting, protect. Sow wildflower seeds in a city tree bed, build a parklet in a parking space or turn an abandoned lot into a community allotment, tackling climate change and social inequality as you go.

Full of inspiring photographs, illustrations of DIY projects and a step-by-step framework to follow, this book makes collective action straightforward and fun, giving you the tools to transform lifeless patches of public land into vibrant pockets of plant-life.