From Pitch to Profit

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Learn a proven, easy-to-follow, and repeatable approach for connecting with clients, winning negotiations, and increasing revenue -- no matter your industry

From Pitch to Profit reveals how you can win more clients and grow your business using The Infinite Sales System(R) a strategic, tried-and-tested process that follows the same expert techniques used by the world's best negotiators. Successful business is not about an aggressive used-car-sales approach. It's about one-on-one communications that lead to trust and partnership. From Pitch to Profit gives you the strategies and easy-to-learn skills you need to build the genuine relationships that lead to higher sales and revenue.

What does selling have in common with negotiating a hostage situation? How do you stand out amongst the competition? How do you sell effectively while staying true to yourself? How do you follow up, and when do you play the long game? From Pitch to Profit answers these questions and more, taking you step by step through how you can drive more business, consistently and efficiently. You'll learn the conversations you need to connect with prospective clients and grow your profits -- from a stellar first impression to building real, mutual trust.

  • Discover the exact questions you need to ask in the first sales meeting -- and get an actionable plan for following up more effectively.
  • Learn how to spot the clues that will tell you what clients need from you to buy in.
  • Successfully convert more match-fit customers.
  • Generate more predictable revenue with higher margins.

From Pitch to Profit gives you a proven, scalable process for selling a product or service, managing your clients, and successfully developing your business into a sustainable revenue machine.