Freddie Spector, Fact Collector:
Space Cadet

Dispatches on 26/06/2024

Did you know that a bolt of lightning is five times hotter than the Sun? Or that slugs have four noses? How about that humans share 50 per cent of our DNA with bananas? Freddie Spector, the world's greatest fact collector, knows all these things and so much more.Freddie Spector loves collecting facts - about anything and everything. His latest obsession is space. It's all he talks about: stars, planets, galaxies, astronauts, space travel - and, of course UFOs and extraterrestrials. Freddie writes all his facts on sticky notes that his mum and big sister, Henrietta, keep finding in weird places - like in their sock drawers or their sandwiches.But whenever Freddie collects facts on a topic, his very active imagination always gets involved too. And, after noticing some very suspicious goings-on, Freddie realises it's up to him to discover the answer to a burning question: could aliens have landed in his neighbourhood?Fast-paced and funny, this series is all about an everyday eight-year-old boy whose love of facts and extraordinary imagination come together with unexpected and hilarious results.