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Find shells, bones, teeth, and plants, all turned to rock, and learn how they tell a story of a long-lost world that existed before modern people.

Learn how fossils form and how palaeontologists dig to find out about ancient life forms., See a shell with a precious coating, find out which type of early human lived 1 million years ago, and discover similarities between ichthyosaurs and modern-day dolphins.

DK Eyewitness Fossil is crammed full of fascinating information, statistics, and facts. Stunning photography, diagrams, and lots of examples of fossils will help you to learn what can be discovered around the world. Learn why some fossils lead to new discoveries about the past.

Part of the best-selling DK Eyewitness series, which is now getting an exciting makeover, this popular title has been reinvigorated for the next generation of information-seekers and stay-at-home explorers, with a fresh new look, new photographs, updated information, and a new "eyewitness feature - fascinating first-hand accounts from experts in the field.