Explore Your World:
Creepiest Crawly Critters

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Get ready to get up close and personal with the creepiest crawly critters with real-life explorer and scientist, Professor Tim Flannery.
You may think you know all that's around you, but look closer and dig deeper -you'll discover a cast of the scariest (but very cool!) background characters in your life.

Why would a millipede glow in the dark?

How much is a litre of scorpion venom worth?

Why would a male redback sacrifice himself?

How many mites live on your body?

Which creepy crawly lives on the moon?

It's time to face your fears - you're about to find out!

From the authors of the best-selling Explore Your World series comes a brand-new compendium to enthral and enlighten readers. Each page is packed with vibrant illustrations and bursting with bizarre facts about the most terrifying yet amazing little creatures living around you (or maybe even on you!) - prepare to gasp, laugh and squirm in disgust!