Ending Plastic Waste

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Many informal organizations around the world are making a positive impact on the environment and their communities by turning waste into a resource, increasing the social capacity of their community and reducing the amount of pollution in their environment. Ending Plastic Waste: Community Actions Around the World presents a collection of stories, advice, and information from experts in the fields of waste management, plastic pollution, and environmental finance to give a broad outlook on how 19 programs from 15 different countries are protecting our planet. By sharing these journeys, the authors hope to encourage others to take a community approach to ending plastic waste. Perfect for decision-makers working in environmental and marine fields, industry stakeholders and citizen scientist groups, this book provides guidance on how to successfully implement a new program, what resources are needed and the lessons learned by the people behind these programs in overcoming barriers. Features:
  • Shares success stories from around the world of programs actively reducing plastic waste in the environment.
  • Expert contributors provide overviews of global waste management, plastic pollution, and environmental finance.
  • Demonstrates how communities are turning plastic waste into a resource and increasing social capacity at the same time.