Ellie's Table

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Ellie's Table is a recipe book rich with storytelling, exploring Chef Ellie Bouhadana's mixed Jewish background through food - from Morocco to Israel and through Eastern Europe. In her first cookbook, Ellie shares recipes that she has learnt through her travels as well as ones that have been handed down from generation to generation, like her Moroccan grandmother's couscous, and her Polish grandmother's chicken soup. The chapters are structured in the same way that Ellie would serve her guests at a dinner party: starting with cold plates, then snacks, bread and whipped butters, big plates, vegetables, pasta and finishing with sweets. The dishes in this book are a celebration of the food Ellie was brought up with, including sentimental dishes that, until now, have only been kept in the hearts of her immigrant family members. As you cook from these pages, your home will smell nostalgically of charred peppers and fresh garlic bathing in wine vinegars and good olive oil. Your kitchen will start filling up with jars of various sweet vinegars and oils and beautiful tinned fish, and you will be mopping up every plate with a good piece of bread. Part journal, part history lesson - with so much heart - this book is so much more than just good food.