Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book

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How do waves break and what makes good surfing conditions? Why do beaches have different coloured sand? What are dangerous rip currents and how do you spot one - and what would you do if you got caught in one?

Australia' s best known surf scientist, Rob ' Dr Rip' Brander answers all of these questions and more as we discover how beaches form, the science of waves and currents, how sand dunes work and the myth of collapsing sand bars, and the human impacts on our beaches and how they will respond to storms and climate change.

Dr Rip' s Essential Beach Book is filled with practical information on how to use the beach, from keeping your family safe in the surf to what to do in the (unlikely) event you find yourself swimming with a shark.Whether you' re a surfer looking for the perfect wave or someone just enjoying a stroll along the sandy shoreline, this guide to the beach is a must-read for all ocean lovers.