Cautionary Tales for Excitable Girls

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Excitable girls rush out to meet life; what could go wrong? A masterful debut about the terrifying thrills of innocence from a voice of experience.

Teenagers sneak out to the creek for a wild New Year's Eve party. A sleep-deprived woman who imagines she is pregnant to a Viking faces her scathing sixteen-year-old self. A woman in love wakes up in a van Gogh painting.

These gem-like stories are about the desire to rush out and meet life; about getting in over your head; about danger, and damage, and what it means to survive - and not always survive - the risk of being young. They chart the borderlands between girls and women, daughters and mothers, freedom and fear.

Emerging fully-formed and singing songs of both innocence and experience, Anne Casey-Hardy is the rarest of new voices: at the same time reckless and entirely in control; funny and frightening; wise and full-blooded.

Praise for Cautionary Tales for Excitable Girls

'I find myself haunted by this innocent, menacing, blackly funny and fabulous book. Anne Casey-Hardy's writing hums with a dangerous, coiled energy in sly, ghostly stories of girls and women striking back, lying low, busting out, triumphing even while sinking. Casey-Hardy is a raw, rare talent with an unforgettable voice.' Charlotte Wood, author of The Weekend and The Natural Way of Things

'Cautionary Tales for Excitable Girls buzzes with energy. Anne Casey-Hardy is a wonderful fiction writer. Her characters are brave and full of soul. In mapping the lives and the places where stories thrive, Casey-Hardy also touches our hearts. Such a gift.' Tony Birch, author of Dark as Last Night and The White Girl

'Electric, irreverent, haunting, heart-breaking - one of the best short story collections you'll ever read. An exceptional debut from a hugely talented writer.' Wayne Marshall, author ofShirl

'You'll be transfixed by the misadventures of Casey-Hardy's dangerously innocent heroines. Her fractured fairy tales are like nothing you've come across before: unnerving, brilliant, hilarious, heart-stirring.' Lucinda Holdforth, author of Leading Lines