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Forty and flabby, Michael McGirr hits the Hume Highway on a cheap bicycle. Having stopped working as a Jesuit priest, he is on a quest to find heaven knows what. Along the way, he is joined by Jenny.

Bypass is the story of Australia's main street, the much-unloved highway between Sydney and Melbourne. The Hume has plenty of tales to tell-of bushrangers and bus drivers, publicans and poets, runners and refugees-and McGirr discovers he has one to add to the swag. The road is a source of wisdom and comedy, and maybe even a fine romance.

One of the most popular books by the author of Things You Get for Free and Books that Saved My Life, Bypass is both a personal memoir and an unconventional biography of the road most travelled. This edition includes 'Passing By', a new afterword bringing the story up to date.