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Join Finn and his dog, Skip, on their third adventure in this illustrated story book for young children, that teaches them about climate change and what they can do to help.

It's Skip's birthday and Finn has planned an exciting surprise for him - a hang-gliding trip in the sky. As they fly through the clouds, they think their birthday adventure couldn't have gotten off to a better start. But when Finn's map gets caught on a swan's wing, a wild chase ensues. A huge storm makes things worse, and the duo are forced to land on a small, rocky island,, where they discover from some bird-monitoring scientists that the swans are having problems of their own...

This book is the ideal introduction to the environmental concerns facing our wildlife, featuring colourful illustrations and an engaging, light-hearted storyline, drawn and written by Brendan Kearney. Young readers will love this picture book with a timely and ultimately uplifting message about protecting the world around us.